What Clothing Items You Need for Your Baby’s Birth

A mom holds her newborn baby's feet in the palm of her hand.

If you’re about to have a baby, there are probably so many things buzzing around in your mind. It’s important to stay calm, clearheaded, and relax as you embrace this exciting new chapter of your life.

When packing your hospital bag, there are some clothing items for your baby that you should keep the following with you:

Blankets and swaddles for the baby

Your baby will need great quality, soft blankets and swaddles from the get-go, so don’t forget to keep a few soft ones for your hospital stay. You can also invest in this multi-purpose baby swaddle wrap and portable crib for carrying them out of the hospital more easily. It’s perfect for when friends and family visit and come to see the baby as well because it makes handling them easier and safer.

A going home outfit for them

Your baby is going to need a comfortable—and cute—outfit that they’ll go home in. Check out these adorable 100% cotton rompers that won’t irritate their skin and be easy to wear. They’re also reasonably priced, so you can order a few different colors and sizes that last your baby for the first couple of months.

A swaddled newborn baby sleeps peacefully while being photographed.

Socks and a hat to keep them protected

Newborn babies are incredibly delicate and need socks and hats to keep them safe and warm. These essentials keep them safe from the elements, including temperature changes, moisture, bacteria, and germs, and keep them snuggled and warm all day. At night you may need to remove some of the layers, but your nurses and doctors can guide you with that!

Napkins, bibs, and burp cloths

Your baby will need to be burped, changed, and fed (breastmilk or formula feed, that’s your choice, mama!), and having separate bibs and napkins, or even burping clothes can help you with spit up, cleaning, and make the process more convenient. It helps to have a few extra pairs of clothes in general, and of course, the right-sized diapers to keep your baby and you comfortable for longer.

Other than these clothing items, you should get a high-quality car seat because that’s necessary, an extra blanket for the baby, bottles, and any additional items that you want to take along. It helps to be prepared and keep all the things you’ll need over the first few days, especially as a mother and baby heal and get used to one another.

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