How to Feel More At Ease About Leaving Your Baby Home for the Night

A baby sleeps in their crib with a nightlight and mobile hanging over them.

All parents will know how stressful it is to leave your baby home while you’re out. Whether it’s your first night out and away from them, or you’ve done it several times before, it’s only normal to feel anxious and nervous—for both parent and baby.

However, a little preparation and the right products can help you feel more at ease. Here are some tips to help you feel more prepared and comfortable with this change:

Leave them with a caregiver you trust

Whoever you leave your baby with should be someone you—and your baby—are familiar with, trust, and is comfortable with. Whether that’s an older sibling, cousin, grandparent, or hired help such as a nanny, you should be able to depend on them fully. This will take a huge load off your mind as you stop fretting over the baby adjusting to a new face and how the caregiver will be coping with them too.

Make sure there’s enough formula or pump before

You can put formula in a dispenser like this to help the caregiver know exactly how much they need to give your child or pump before you head out and keep enough milk to last them for the duration you’re gone. You can store breast milk in the fridge and warm it up before giving it to the baby.

A baby peacefully sleeps in a crib laying comfortably.

Get a great quality camera for your child’s room

You need to get your hands on this baby monitor with WiFi so that any time you feel anxious or nervous, you can access the feed and check up on your baby too! It’s a great investment in general too, and as a parent, you’ll know if your child is upset, crying, awake, or asleep no matter where you are. The WiFi feed lets you check remotely too.

Keep a security blanket or toy with them

If your kid is a little older, they might have a sense of object permanence or develop a sense of security with a toy or blanket. Having that around them while they sleep or play can help them feel more secure, relaxed, and happier, so they’re not panicking about their parent, or their favorite toy is missing. Be careful about leaving toys and blankets in the crib, however!

Try to focus on having a good time

Last but not least, focus on having a good time. This break is good for you and the baby and very necessary for you as a couple. It’s good to draw boundaries, accept help, and make time for yourself once in a while.

With the right tools and products, you’ll know your baby is safe and will be just fine. It’s normal to feel anxious about leaving the baby home, whether it’s your first time doing so or fifth.

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